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Who to vote for can be a much more difficult decision today than in the past. I am a registered Republican but for most of my life I have voted for the person that most represented my position. 

Now I’m Not So Sure

When members of Congress don’t work with elected members of other political parties it makes the deciscion that voters need to make more difficult. To complicate things even more, many people vote the “party line” instead of the way they promise to vote. 

So what do you do? If you elect based on the party affiliation, your not really making a choice. Your just participating in group think. If you vote for the person you believe will do the best job, can you count on them to vote against the “party line” when that’s the right thing to do?

Recently President Trump tweeted how well the democrats stick together. While some may see his Tweet as a compliment, I see it as a disturbing reality that there is a lack of free thought and willingness to do the work of the people. Regardless of who voted them in or why they were voted in.

There Is A Solution

  1. Let your Senators and Representatives know what you want. It is quite easy to call, email or write to them. Click here for Senators or here for House Of Representatives
  2. Vote! Encourage all eleigible voters to get out and vote. If you get someone on office that doesn’t do what they promised, fire them by voting them out!

How do you feel about that? Please leave your comments.