If Not Trump For President, Who?

If Not Trump For President, Who?

If not Trump For President, who?

It’s hard to believe everything our country has been through since Donald Trump became President of The United States.

The Conservative Movement

Trump was elected by a conservative movement to “Make America Great Again” and to “Drain The Swamp”. Other than the swamp itself, I’m not sure if anyone understood what it would take to do either of those, let alone both. I’m also not sure the average American understood how much trouble we were in, how deep the swamp is or how screwed up the US had become.

Clearly, Americans were not happy about the accountability of our elected representatives and we demanded more. But no one was strong enough to take on the politicians who were dug in and running roughshod over everything they could.

Then along comes Donald Trump! All of a sudden someone who was willing to call out people who were elected to office but didn’t feel obligated to do what is right for the people they represented. Instead, they looked down on their constituents. They thought they knew what was best for them. They made laws and regulations that choked our country.

That’s when the gloves came off. The actions taken by the deep state in the DOJ and State Department are becoming well documented and are an affront to the silent majority, better know as average Americans!

But let me get back to the man, Donald Trump. Here is a man who is obnoxious, obsessed and loves a good fight. Just what Americans needed.

He is willing to take on the buffoons who believe we work for them and liberate our country. He is willing to stand up for America and challenge the elites who believe big government and open borders is what is best for us. He is willing to fight to prevent socialism from taking hold. He has taken on North Korea, Iran, China, and Russia while the left has fought him at every step. He has appointed federal judges who make decisions based on law, not on feelings or who are hell-bent to make law. Plus he has spent endless hours on trade deals to make our economy stellar.

On the other side, we have elites who would have us believe that dependency on government is the best thing for us all the while knowing it’s only best for them. Open borders, homelessness, and elimination of God in our everyday life has certainly worked out well so far, wouldn’t you agree? We fight drug addiction while they keep pushing marijuana on us just to get more tax money to spend on their big governments. California and Washington State are good examples of far-left ideals. New York is close behind and New Jersey elected Phil Murphy to lead the ruinous hard left march there.

So I ask again, if not Trump, who? Who will fight as he does? Who will stand up to the left-wingers as he does? Who will represent every American as he does? Do you want a President who believes we need to apologize to the world? Do you want a President who wants judges to legislate from the bench so politicians don’t have to do their job?

Call To Action

I’m not writing this to praise or condemn Republicans or Democrats, there are good and bad people in both parties. This is about those who believe they are the ruling class. I’m writing to present a Call To Action for anyone who loves this country and is sick and tired of the daily grind of the media creating their own truths instead of reporting the news. This is to call out people like George Soros who buys liberal politicians and pays for their political ads. This is to call out people like Mike Bloomberg who spend millions of dollars on liberal educator elections to influence our children at a very early age.


It’s time for every legal voter with conservative views to vote. Vote in all elections including school, city, county, state, and government. Bad politics start at the grass-root level and eliminating them there is a good start.


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