Exercise your right to vote, it may be one of the most important things you do as an American citizen. When you look at our current circumstances in the United States it’s hard to imagine that you or I can do anything to make a significant change. The truth is, we can make a difference by voting and encouraging as many people as possible to do the same.

Replace Every Member Of The House And Senate!

That sounds crazy and dramatic, right? Well, maybe so but it would only take one election cycle, two at the most, for politicians to understand that We The People expect our elected officials to:

  • Work for the American people, not a political party
  • Reach across the aisle, discuss options and be open to suggestions to deliver the best solution, not the “party line” solution
  • Focus on the most significant and important issues. If both houses of Congress were focused on health care I believe it would be impossible NOT to find a solution that works for the majority of U.S. Citizens
  • Take on the hard stuff and do your job. If a law needs to be changed, do it and leave the Supreme court to settle law, not create law
  • Read and support the United States Constitution 

Vote In Local Elections

Local and state elections are often ignored or not well attended. But that’s exactly where we need to start. Many of the people at state and federal levels started at the local level and moved up. It is incumbent on all U.S. citizens to exercise our right to vote in every election and get a good foundation at the local level and build from there. 

According to an article in The United States Elections Project , voting participation by eligible voters hovers around 60%. More specifically:

  • 2016 = 60.1%
  • 2012 = 58.6%
  • 2008 = 62.2%
  • 2004 = 60.7%

Non-Presidential Elections are even worse:  

  • 2014 = 36.7%
  • 2010 = 41.8%
  • 2006 = 41.3%
  • 2002 = 40.5%

Wikipedia statistics are slightly lower in all years years.

But wait, participation gets worse!

Check your local voting information for special elections. Each state it’s own rules, but there are elections for Mayors, Sheriffs, School Board Members, Town Council, County and State Offices and, of course, Governors. Unfortunately, not voting in these elections allows just a few people to decide your elected leaders will be and YOU have no say in it because you decided not to participate.

It is time that all politicians understand who they work for and what we expect. There are a number of ways to do that and voting can be the most effective.