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What Is The Goal Of Eliminating Genders?

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers recently signed an executive order that eliminates gender on birth forms. Mr. Evers is not the only person who wants to create a genderless society, but his actions prompted me to write this article. 

Two Reasons Why This Is Wrong

Reason #1: What is the goal here? God created man and woman, so who is Tony Evers, or any other person, to change what God created? Is there some reason that is based on common sense? Would the elimination of gender terms help anyone in any way? If you don’t say it, does it not exist? Does gender neutrality change anything? If a mother can no longer be called a mother, what is she called? And does it take another Executive Order to explain what that new description is? Read the Executive Order, and you can see that there is no valuable content other than wokeness. Bottom line, this is a waste of taxpayer’s money and will cost a lot of money to change the forms.

Reason #2: This whole concept of Executive Orders is out of control and needs to be curtailed. The executive order has taken the place of legislation in today’s society. If a Governor or President has a bad idea that no one will vote for, it becomes an executive order. Elected officials are elected to represent We The People. If they can’t convince our other elected representatives or us that it’s a good thing, it should be dropped or presented in a better way.

If I am wrong, please comment and convince me otherwise. 

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