Vote For Change

Vote For Change

Vote For Change In America

Make The Impossible Possible

A Departure From The Past

Vote for change may be a departure from your usual voting routine. If you usually vote a straight ticket, you vote for a political party, not a fundamental belief. There was a time when that worked, and, for the most part, there was a balance in government because common sense and concern for the public were somewhat expected. But the world is changing, and social media has disjointed our entire system. It means the silent majority can no longer be quiet because the platform for the vocal minority has become huge and overshadows every decision made.

Seek Out The Right Candidate

I would typically vote for my party throughout my life but was alert to candidates I thought would do a better job than my party’s candidate. That person would get my vote. However, a candidate’s ideology has become one of the more essential elements in my decision. What has that person done in the past, what do they stand for today, and do they seem genuine or just a typical lying politician? Is there evidence that this person has taken a stand for what’s right? Do they cave when the pressure is on, or do they stand up for what they believe? Do does what they believe mirror what you think? If everything aligns, should they get your vote? You can make the impossible possible. 

Beware Of The Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

Talk is cheap, and many politicians take advantage of our short memories. How often have you witnessed an egregious act by a person, and the polls dive? Then all of a sudden, something good happens, and everyone forgets. What’s the problem with that? People often change their behavior, but that doesn’t mean they change their beliefs. With good coaching, a lousy politician can become a hero on the surface and for a short period, but when the aura wears off, that same old wolf is still there. There is no integrity. So beware and look into the past before you cast your vote.

Vote For Change Meaning

There Are Good People To Elect – They Might Not Be Politicians

We can put America back on secure footing by 2024 by voting for change. Vote for change means voting for people with integrity and a proven track record of success and progress. Career politicians need to become a thing of the past because they dig in and become more concerned about their agenda than the people who voted for them. We should be looking for people who are optimistic about America’s future. Most certainly, they should not be haters of the USA. We should never vote for a Socialist, Marxist, or Communist. Their philosophies are anti-American and have proven to be hurtful to countries that adopted those practices and the people who live there. Should you change party affiliation? If you believe it’s necessary, it’s easy to do. You can contact the board of elections in your area. But changing party affiliation is not required to change how you vote.

Every Election Is Important

Don’t underestimate the importance of any election. People who want to overthrow a system of government play the long game, and there is a strategy to follow:

  1. Start indoctrination early. School and school boards have a significant influence on the world. They have to power to influence the children that will one day be the new leaders.
  2. Infiltrate local and state legal systems. District Attornies and Attorney Generals are prime targets. Millions of dollars are spent on elections for those offices because they influence the judicial system. 
  3. Control the media. The party that controls the media controls the mind. The media can be the single biggest influencer in what happens to America. And it’s not just social media companies. Newspapers, TV stations, and radio combine their outreach to influence change in our behavior. They actively smear and bully good people who have integrity and moral standards. The media can bring our country to its knees by supporting bad politicians and bad policies. 

The Tide Is Changing

As evidenced by the recent elections held in Virginia and New Jersey, a movement-building in America says “enough is enough”! Regardless of political affiliation, it’s time we all stand up for our rights and vote our conscience. Vote for change in America!

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