US Economy – Big Money – Chinese Influence

US Economy – Big Money – Chinese Influence

What Do These Terms Have To Do With Each Other?

US Economy – Big Money – Chinese Influence

Every day we assailed in the news media with the terms Chinese Influence, the US economy, and big money. But what about all three topics in one sentence? Read more for my opinion on how these three terms are tied together.

What Is Big Money?

Big money and Wall Street are synonymous. But Wall Street isn’t just a street in New York City. It is an enormous number of CEOs, Investors, and money management institutions. One common goal they all share is improving the return on investment to themselves and their shareholders. Shop America is a powerful and patriotic slogan, but is it profitable for Wall Street? Does it boost the US economy?

The Two Heads Of The Big Money Dragon

  1. The first, and most dangerous head, in my opinion, is the private investor who hates Donald Trump. According to a New York Times article dated October 20th, 2020, some mega-donors contribute to the Joe Biden campaign to make Donald Trump a one-term president. Many of those contributing to the Biden campaign are the same people taking your money every day for entertainment, internet services, and everyday purchases. Here is a partial list of PACs and donors. Note some of the significant Tech company donations.
  2. Second, you have businesses, many of which are doing well but could do better by increasing their profit margins with Chinese products. The CEOs of these companies may be very patriotic and want to support the Buy America initiative, but they report to shareholders. Shareholders who desire a better return but are not involved in product sourcing. That means someone has to figure out how to get more profit without losing a competitive edge. See Jim Cramer’s Mad Money comments about stocks and a Biden presidency.

How Can You Have An Impact?

Vote like your country depends on it. It just might!

I believe the Trump team needs another term to entrench the programs that have been put in place. There are too many Presidential Executive Orders that need to be put into law through Congress. Healthcare needs to be addressed, economic policies need to be put in place, and the threat of Socialism needs to be eradicated. That means having The White House, a majority in the House and Senate.

This Isn’t About Politics, Its About What’s Right or Wrong

The 2020 election isn’t about politics as much as it’s about the idea of a Free America. I don’t think there is a perfect candidate. Both of the current candidates have flaws that would prevent me from voting for them. But then that’s always the case. The more critical issue here is who will do the best job for the American people and support the US Constitution.

I am not too fond of the arrogance of President Trump. However, there is no doubt in my mind that he is a patriot and is doing everything he does to help the citizens of the United States of America. On the other hand, I don’t have that feeling with Joe Biden. He has proven that he is as flexible as a piece of straw in a tornado. When he is pressured by Socialists and left-wing constituents who would take our American rights away, he quickly caves in.

Joe Biden is right when he says this election is for the Soul of America. That’s because Socialism is all about removing our soul.

I urge you to vote and encourage you to weigh the consequences carefully. Will you be irritated if Trump wins, or will you be oppressed with the Biden team?


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