The left plays the long game in Politics

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What Is The Long Game In Politics?

The Urban Dictionary definition of the long game is “Considering the future implications of current choices, thinking ahead, being deliberate and patient”. The long game in politics is all about the deliberate planning of a coup of the United States.

The far left has been plotting the takeover of the United States for many years. They realized that a military takeover was out of the question and the best way to accomplish their goal was to take over the minds of a majority of our population. After all, our entire system is based on majority rule so what better way to take over than to control the majority of the people.

Conspiring Through Education

One of the first steps in the left’s plan to overthrow the United States is to infiltrate the education system via a two-prong approach.

  1. Financial investment in local school board elections. Unsuspecting people by the millions are the perfect targets in the long game in politics. They pay very little attention to local school board elections yet these are the people who decide on the curriculum and hire the teachers who educate our children. Liberal school boards are becoming the grassroots source for educating our children to accept and demand a liberal system that believes the United States is a terrible place to live and the government must be overthrown to become normal. But liberal socialists never explain what the new normal will be and what their part is in it. George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, and Bill Gates happen to be three billionaires who are pumping millions of dollars into school board elections. This article from will explain what’s happening and why it should be a concern to everyone.
  2. Colleges and Universities have been breeding grounds for the far left for years. Liberal professors have young adults captured in classrooms where they can spread liberalism and bash conservatism at will. Political correctness has become the mantra of colleges and universities across the country. Free speech hardly exists unless it is liberal and free thought is not to be tolerated unless it is free left-wing thought.

Why The Long Game Had To Be Sped Up

The long game in politics has been working for years. Everything was going pretty well for the left. They had the Presidency for 8 years and thought that conservatives were “ripe for the picking”. But then Donald J. Trump was elected President of the United States. Trump’s election win in 2016 was like a nuclear bomb to the far left. They could not believe this obnoxious real estate guy and TV reality show host could possibly beat Hilary Clinton in the presidential election. The American people finally said, “enough is enough”. We are tired of politicians who make promises and don’t deliver. The far left didn’t think we were smart enough to catch them.

Since that time the far left has become unhinged and will do anything imaginable to oust President Trump. But none of the accusations or slanderous claims would stick. The Muller Russia investigation fell on its face, the impeachment didn’t get them the results they were looking for so they just keep throwing stuff at the fan to see if there is something they can hang their hat on. Even to the point that Joe Biden now makes claim to any good that President Trump accomplishes. In short, the liberal far left has become so obsessed with getting President Trump out of office that they have exposed themselves through crazy actions, statements. Everything seems to be on the table including supporting militia groups like BLM and Antifa. It’s now ok to destroy people’s lives and businesses through riots, better known as peaceful protests. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some sort of drastic action on November 2nd and 3rd to scare people in conservative areas from voting.

What’s Next?
  1. VOTE! In the end, this is the way American’s protect themselves and win over those who would destroy our country
  2. PAY ATTENTION! Educate yourself on anyone in your local and state elections. If their election campaign is getting far more money than anyone else you should be skeptical.
  3. DEMAND MORE! Elected officials need to understand that you expect them to do the job they committed to. Ask yourself this question: Who else would I hire to do something I didn’t hire them to do? If the answer is no one, you need to challange them and take them to task until they do what you hired them to do or resign.
Keep The Faith

Remember the subject of this article, the Long Game In Politics. Those who would see us defeated and subject to them are counting on us to revel in our victory for a short time then go back to normal and succumb to their demands. We all must play the long game and stand our ground. Demand that politicians do exactly what we expect them to do. If not vote them out quickly. Don’t forget that many of those who are trying to rob you of your rights have been in the House or Senate for a very long time. And the people supporting them have plenty of money and are in no rush. They are in it for the long haul.

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