Supreme Court Vs Legislation

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What’s The Purpose of The Supreme Court?

All of my life the purpose of any court has been to make legal decisions based on current law. Each party has an opportunity to state their case and the court decides the verdict. If either party disagrees with the lower court decision they can appeal to a higher court. Eventually, the Supreme Court may have to be the final decision-maker, based on the facts and with the guidance of the Constitution of The United States.

Did Someone Change The Constitution?

Fast forward to today and it seems like many people believe there has been a change in the Constitution’s mandate for the Supreme Court!

Now there are Conservative Justices and Liberal Justices. There are Democratic Justices and Republican Justices. There are Trump Justices, Obama Justices, Bush Justices, and Clinton Justices.

Supreme Court Justices are now expected to legislate from the bench instead of deciding based on the merits of the case and the current law.

When were those changes made? Who authorized or mandated that any Justice be “classified” as anything other than a Justice? Who said they should legislate from the bench?

Why Is This Thinking So Bad?

Because it leads to chaos and terror. This is a simple example but you can see how absurd things could be. Imagine that someone is arrested for going 60 miles per hour on your street that has a 35 MPH speed limit to protect you and your neighbors. The case goes to court and the judge says “I’ve always thought the speed limit on that street is too low so I find the accused not guilty”. I know, that sounds crazy but no more so than what our House and Senate expect of Supreme Court Justices today.

The basic premise of our organization as a sovereign country is that we have 3 branches of government. Legislative, Executive, and Judicial:

  • Legislative – makes the laws
  • Executive – carries out the laws
  • Judicial – evaluates cases based on the laws

Some would prefer to change our structure to:

  • Legislative – criticizes, complains, and condemns. No accountability to the people
  • Executive – carries out the laws
  • Judicial – evaluates cases based on the law except when the law is controversial or favors the left or the right. Then the elected officials prefer to have Justices that legislate from the bench thereby eliminating their need to perform their job.

When the original concept of the Constitution is carried out we have the correct focus on all areas of government. All things may not be perfect but it works for the well being and growth of our nation. The Legislative branch makes laws and has the authority to make changes to the law. The Supreme Court decides cases brought before it based on the law, not popular opinion or personal opinion.

It’s Time To Expect More

The time has come for us as American voters to expect more and vote out those who would hurt our country by being weak, prejudice, or anti-American. To me, this is not a Democrat or Republican issue. It’s a matter of fairness to all Americans. Today you see rioting in the streets, disrespect for the police, and wealthy people buying elections and spending money to try to shape our country in the mold they would like. That only stops when elected officials do their job and represent the citizens of this great country.

#enoughisenough, #vote

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