How You Can Change The World

How You Can Change The World

How You Can Change The World

You can change the world by communicating with your elected representatives and voting!


Can I Change The World That Easily?

Yes, it can be done if more people become involved. Let me give you one example of how things changed in New Jersey. But this is not a change in a good way. These changes took place because enough people did not communicate and did not vote.


Phil Murphy Did What He Said He Would Do

When candidate Phil Murphy campaigned for Governor he was very clear about his intentions. Here are a few of the promises he made:
  • Free college tuition
  • Make New Jersey a sanctuary state
  • Legalize Marijuana
  • Protect Dreamers
  • Restore Family Planning Funding
  • Stronger Gun Laws
  • Rejoin The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
New Jersey has 10 new proposed laws aimed at giving more benefits to undocumented immigrants
read more here.


Why Are People Upset About Governor Murphies Actions?

Phil Murphy campaigned on the very laws he is trying to enact. Yet people are surprised and upset. If I can say anything positive about Governor Murphy it is that he immediately began to pursue all of his campaign promises. He has not been successful in all cases but he is making progress. 
Three Things You Can Do To Change The World
  1. Understand what the candidates are campaigning on. No one should allow themselves to be surprised about what an elected official does when that person campaigned on those issues.
  2. Speak up. There are so many ways to let your opinions be known today via social media, talking with friends, attending campaign rallies, supporting the candidate you agree with.
  3. Vote! It is more important than ever that you vote for the candidate that most represents your opinions. There is an old saying “if you didn’t vote you can’t complain”. There is a certain amount of truth to that. Besides, complaining about an election result is not nearly as effective as voting and doing something before the damage is done.
Today there are people like George Soros and Mike Bloomberg who are buying elections for liberal politicians. They invest millions of dollars in local campaigns so that they can get liberals elected at the beginning of your child’s education then continue the investment in city, county, state, and federal elections. They are especially active in Attorney General elections because they know how effective the Attorneys General can be in sidetracking our laws. New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Singh is a good example of how a liberal activist holding a state office can damage the rule of law.
Here is a clip from an article on the Blog Save Jersey:
“As the Garden States’ appointed top law enforcement officer, Grewal has spent most of his energy filing lawsuits against the Trump Administration and spearheading the dangerous ‘sanctuary statehood’ experiment. He maintains a separate Twitter account (like elected politicians do) where he routinely shares his political opinions (spoiler alert: they’re predominately far-left)”. You can read the full article here.
So your vote is more important today than ever before. This is not just a battle between Democrats and Republicans, it’s a battle between Liberals and Conservatives.
Be alert and remember that You Can Change The World one vote at a time.
If you believe in this be sure to send a link to this article to your conservative friends and relatives.

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