Does Rep Andy Kim Protect America?

Does Rep Andy Kim Protect America?

Does Your Representative Care About Protecting America?

I believe Representative Andy Kim, New Jersey, cares more about walking Nancy Pelosi’s line than protecting the American people. Here is a letter I wrote to him but no response yet.

I am concerned about the safety and security of our nation for 4 reasons:

1. The southern border crisis seems to be getting worse instead of better. My question to you is “do you support securing the safety of our nation by following the law regarding immigration or do you support illegal immigration as it is taking place today?”
2. Our military leaders are weak and appear to be disconnected from reality. They seem to be more concerned with being “woke” than being a strong military force that defends the people and the constitution of the United States. My question to you is “do you support the actions of our military leaders and their disregard for the safety of our nation? If so, what will you be doing to protect us from them?
3. President Biden has allowed the CDC to throw America into constant confusion and turmoil. There is no doubt in my mind that we are being lied to and the President not only supports the lies but is pushing the lies as truth. My question to you is “do you believe a government organization should be given so much power and exposure? Do you believe a better course would be to stop the CDC and other scientists from public announcements and place the managing of our government in the hands of the people who were elected by the citizens of the United States?”
4. The House of Representatives appears to be totally focused on going after former President Trump and anyone who voted for him rather than protect our country. I understand the concern about January 6th and support a bipartisan inquiry but to prioritize that and ignore the crisis at the southern border is utter insanity. My questions to you are ” Do you believe an inquiry/investigation should be done regarding the southern border where hundreds of thousands of people have entered the United States illegally? Do you believe it is OK to continue to ignore the illegal drugs and guns coming into the United States? Do you believe we should continue to allow sex trafficking? When you took your oath to protect the United States of America do you believe it meant to protect us against Donald Trump or do you believe it meant to protect us from real danger and the invasion of our country?
Read more about how congress does not listen to you, the American people.
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