Civility In Politics

Civility In Politics

Senator Tim Scott raised the bar for civility in politics when he delivered the Republican rebuttal to President Biden’s address to Congress. He gave a speech that praised America and Americans. It was not a “feel good” speech; it was a “do the right thing” speech. Senator Scott advocated that all politicians work together, not in agreement but in honest negotiations to benefit Americans.

All Politicians Should Learn From This Speach

The majority of our politicians are too busy shouting and looking for clicks on social media to pay attention to what We The People want. They can all learn from the Senator’s comments and the way he delivered them. He was passionate and deliberate. He spoke about the things that bother conservatives the most. And when I say that, I believe the things that concern conservatives are the same things that affect most of America. We are concerned about everyday life, the safety of our families, and the opportunities that we can provide for our children to live fulfilling lives. And, we are concerned about civility in politics.

Facts Vs. Fear Mongering

The Senator’s speech was not full of rhetoric, slander, and race-baiting. Instead, he described his thoughts on how President Biden has performed and what his decisions have done, or not done, for America. He then offered solutions that debate and hard work could pass through Congress and become law. Most importantly, he was emphatic that systemic racism is not to blame for everything that happens, from math to murder, and denies the allegations that all Americans are racists.  

Read Senator Scotts Speech

After the Senator finished speaking, he was criticized and debunked by many in the media. Indeed, racism was on full display. TV and radio commentators said things that I wouldn’t repeat here, but that should embarrass the companies that sponsored the ads that supported such bigotry and hate-mongering. 

I believe it’s essential to read the words in the rebuttal speech as posted on CNN. Then make your own decisions about what he said and how it could impact you and your family. Then you can decide who makes the best argument for the direction we should be heading in as a country. Civility in politics is something we all deserve.


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