Brexit The US Version

Brexit The US Version

The Voice Of The People Ignored – UK Version

On June 23rd, 2016, voters in the United Kingdom voted for Brexit UK, to exit the European Union. Since that time the Labour Party has sought to nullify that vote. Thereby ignoring the desire of the citizens of the UK to break away from the EU and manage their own country. All the while promoting government intervention and social change. Ironically, the Labour party identified as “Social Democrats”.


The Voice Of The People Heard – UK Version

On June 12th, 2019, the voters in the United Kingdom overwhelmingly voted to change that socialist path. They decided that they were going to be in charge and that their elected representatives needed to support the Brexit vote. Which is as it should be! This will be a pivotal day in the future of the UK and all of Europe.


The Voice Of The People – US Version

On November 8th, 2016, voters in the United States voted to overhaul the government and elect Donald Trump to be their next President. This too was a vote to counter the trend of government not working for the people and to “drain the swamp”. This was Brexit the US version. All of a sudden there was a person who was willing to stand up to those who didn’t understand the basic premise of an election. That the person elected works for the people who elect them, not the other way around. An idea that many elected representatives still don’t grasp!


The Voice Of The People Ignored – US Version

During the midterm elections on November 6th, 2018, voters decided to choose more Democrats than Republicans in the House. That changed the leadership in the House of Representatives by 235 seats to Democrats and 199 seats to Republicans. While the impeachment of the President was the desired outcome since his election, this was the beginning of the all-out war on the office of the President of the United States and on the United States itself. The Voice of the people ignored.


Democratic Socialists

Prior to the 2018 midterms, to the best of my knowledge, Bernie Sanders was the only announced Democratic Socialist. But the 2018 midterms brought 4 highly motivated and vocal Democratic Socialists on the scene. Commonly known as The Squad. I bring this up because it is important to note the term “ Democratic Socialists”. What’s unique about this group is the vitriol that is spewed on the public and the skill they have with social media. Then add the far left wing of the Democrat party and you have a very vocal group doing their best to intimidate America. Worst of all the outright warfare on anyone who disagrees with them has turned the Democrat party into a group of followers with just a few “leaders” to keep everyone in line. Everyone has to bow down to the left-wing of the party.


What Are The Lessons?

When a person is voted into office they are elected to represent the people who elected them. There is no doubt that some of their constituency wants a far-left representative and supports them. The lessons are:

  1. Any elected representative who blindly goes along with the crowd and is afraid to stand up for the people who elected them will eventually be voted out.
  2. The radicals tend to be secure in the position that their party will prevail in their own districts and they have no concern for those in swing areas who were voted in because of their promises.
  3. We are not going to allow bullies to create havoc on our country.
  4. The citizens of the United States rebelled against the status quo and want change and accountability. We want elected representatives to represent the silent majority.
  5. Promises kept are important.

I believe that the majority of US citizens don’t want socialism, they don’t want open borders, they don’t want constant fighting for no other reason than fear of the left and they don’t want bigger government and more taxes. They don’t want elected politicians and socialists telling us how to live our lives. The voters in the United Kingdom spoke loudly and I believe the voters in the United States will do the same in 2020

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