An Open Letter To The RNC

An Open Letter To The RNC

An Open Letter To The RNC

Donating to the RNC is like betting on a horse race without picking a horse.

The money is distributed to all in the Republican party but not all Republicans can be counted on. Many want to run their own race and refuse to negotiate in good faith on important issues. They would rather lose the war than lose the battle. I will support candidates but, as much as possible, not support fake people who are on their own journey. It’s time they begin to stick together. I am considering donating to the Great American PAC  in hopes that the money will be spent on candidates that will do real work for America and not just complain.

An Open Letter To The RNC

The GOP Needs To Start Working Together For The American People

Ronna McDaniel
Republican National Committee
310 First Street
Washington, DC 20003

Dear Mrs. McDaniel,

I will not be sending any further donations to the Republican National Committee until I see changes in Congress members and the Senate. I am repeatedly harassed by emails and letters asking for help for Mitch; The Republican Party needs your support, and on and on.

All I ever hear from people like Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy is rhetoric. Talk is cheap, and since that is what these guys do, I will be withholding my donations. The time has come for the GOP to perform before taking our money. It’s like having a real job. Meet your goals or get out. While Joe Biden and the far-left go about destroying our country, the Republican leadership is still complaining. Mitch had the nerve to complain about President Trump, and Kevin complains and whines about everything.

I’m not alone when I say we are looking for action. Instead of just complaining about what the far-left is doing, leadership and members should tell us what they are doing to stop them. When President Trump did something, the Democrats filed suit or took some other action to slow him down. He was still able to accomplish much, not because the party was helpful, but because Donald Trump was resourceful. Now, Joe Biden is opening up the borders and violating the law! Just one lone AG has filed suit. Where the hell is everyone else?

I am sick and tired of being walked on by the far-left while Republicans sit idly by crying the blues.

From this point forward, I will support only Republicans who are doing something for our country. I will not donate to the Republican party, only to specific candidates. If I cannot verify the donation will go to my chosen candidate, I will not donate. The last thing I want to see is my hard-earned money going to a closet Democrat like Mitt Romney just because he ran as a Republican.

Furthermore, suppose a third party was to form that is pro-American and supports the US Constitution. In that case, I will give it earnest consideration because it is time that elected officials to understand they work for the people, not the other way around.

As the Chair Person of the GOP, my sincere hope is that you can and will do something to motivate those elected but lost their way.

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