5 Reasons Why Executive Orders Are Bad

5 Reasons Why Executive Orders Are Bad

5 Reasons Why Executive Orders Are Bad For Our Country

Executive Orders have been used by all Presidents. Here is why I believe they are bad in general.

Reason #1

Executive Orders show the inability of the President and Congress to work together to create laws and protect the people of the United States in a way that is prescribed in the U.S. Constitution. Any President who signs an Executive Order is making a promise that cannot be guaranteed because there is no Congressional backing.

Reason #2

When Congress fails to act and the President signs an executive order it creates a finger pointing opportunity for Congress to lay blame with the President. Even though the initial problem may very well be that the Congress didn’t act.

Reason #3

Executive orders don’t have the benefit of debate by Congress. The premise behind Congress is that we elect Representatives and Senators to represent us and flesh out the pros and cons of any bill to become the best benefit to the most people and to represent the desires of the people who elected them. When the President signs an executive order all of the benefits allowed us by the Constitution are thrown out of the window.

Reason #4

Large groups of the country are effected by these orders and they can be helped or hurt by the signing of a piece of paper. Jobs can be gained and jobs can be lost, freedoms can be assured and freedoms can be threatened, business’s can thrive and business’s can be put out of business. As stated before, a Presidential Executive Order does not have the backing of Congress or any law. Therefore it is not guaranteed to survive the current President and therefore can, and probably will be, a broken promise at some time.

Reason #5

Executive orders are unfair to the rest of the world. The United States of America is the leading nation of the free world. If policies can be changed simply because one person doesn’t like it what does that say to our friends and partners in other nations. When other nations are making future plans or investing in something because we have taken the lead how are they going to respond when we change our mind? How can we expect to build trust?

Remember These Two Things

#1 – We have every right to expect our elected representatives to negotiate and legislate in a way that benefits the most people, not the far right or the far left.

#2 – We should treat others the way we want to be treated. Remember what Matthew 7:12 says “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets”.


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