Medicare For All Or Health Insurance For All?

The Coronavirus pandemic brings to light an old problem that needs to be resolved quickly, health insurance.


Health insurance has become a huge political football because politicians would rather fight for “clicks and likes” rather than just do the right thing. For the most part, people we elect are relatively smart people but seem to become stupid when they get into office. And that’s not the only issue. The nature of politics is that a person campaigns to win an election, at the same time they are campaigning to raise money to pay for the election. That’s where big money begins to sway the way people think. They say you can’t buy love but it seems like you can buy “stupid”.


The government can’t run the VA or Medicare right.  So how can we put our healthcare system in their hands? Our system of government is set up to create laws and legislation, not to create businesses and run them.


It’s time for everyone to “own” the healthcare problem and stop trying to force a socialist program into a capitalist society. It’s like putting a round peg into a square hole, it just doesn’t work! What we need is a federal law that requires all businesses to pay for healthcare for their and requires insurance companies to cover all healthcare costs. Mix in a modified Medicare program that includes assessments on major corporations to help cover major healthcare problems and the unemployed and I believe we can have something that works.

How To Create A Successful Healthcare Program

  1. The number one priority would be to take healthcare out of politics
  2. Bring together a nonpartisan group of people to address what needs to be done. Follow the “all of government” approach that President Trump is using for Coronavirus. Include business and healthcare leaders in the same way.
  3. Devise a way to manage the nation’s healthcare by creating an entity that is funded by the US government but not run by the government.
  4. Run this agency with a business person, not a politician, who applies for the job and receives annual reviews just like any other business manager.
  5. Create a peer group of health leaders and insurance executives for guidance
There are a host of other areas to address such as healthcare costs in general, explosive judgments from malpractice suits, fraud, etc.

We have to start someplace and some time. That time is now. There are many reasons why this idea won’t work and there are just as many reasons why it will work. But attacking the healthcare crisis or me for “hits and likes” will never solve it and our citizens deserve better.

Healthcare for our nation is not a task for the weak. Nor is it a project for partisan politicians. I believe our country is at a breaking point in healthcare that has the potential of bankrupting the country if we don’t get a handle on it. Not to mention the emotional stress that comes with having to make decisions based on cost instead of good medical practices.

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