If You Don’t Love America What Do You Love?

If You Don’t Love America What Do You Love?

I Love America

I am proud of our history. It’s not a perfect history, but I don’t know of any country with an ideal past. 

So I have two questions. 

  1. If you don’t love America, what country would you like us to model?

When I hear politicians complain about the United States, I have to ask what country they prefer the U.S. to model? They demand to defund the police, create more social programs to make people dependant, or change voting rights to a federal system vs. a state system. What countries do that? Is it China? The Chinese do all of these things. Is it Russia? The Russians do the same thing. Or maybe it’s Venezuela? There is a perfect example! Venezuela is a country that was very much like America before socialism took over. Now, the only people who think things are good are those in power who have stolen everything from the people. So I ask again, what country would you like America to model?

   2. If you like another country more than America, why don’t you move there?

I think it’s a logical question. It’s one thing to believe your country has promise and there is a way forward. It’s much different if you hate the country you live in, and your goal is to make it like a country where no one wants to live. If you don’t love America you can move to the country you do love.

My Opinion About What’s Happening In America

A group of anti-Americans wants to take over our country and turn it into a socialist government. There is no plan or desire to make America better. The goal is to take America hostage, gain power over everyone, steal our assets and eliminate an enemy to socialism and communism. Eliminate the pride we take in our country and gain world dominance. This group includes the far-left politicians and educators who are teaching our children to hate. They will stop at nothing and accomplish this by playing the long game. In September of 2020, I wrote an article titled “The Left Plays The Long Game In Politics.”   If you have not read this article yet, I highly recommend you do so. 

What You Can Do

  1. First and foremost, Vote! Don’t allow politicians to take office by default.
  2. Be a better you, know your rights, and stand up for them. You be the change.
  3. Take action and write, call or email your local and national politicians
  4. Know what your children are being taught, be curious.
  5. Pray, God may not be allowed in schools, but you can pray from anywhere.

Conspiracy Theory?

Do you think this is a conspiracy theory? If so, why don’t you convince me with facts? Explain away the move to eliminate God in our schools and how it benefits anyone. Explain away the millions of dollars invested by Mike Bloomberg and George Soros to re-educate our children and install politicians who want to eliminate the rule of law. Explain away the far-left policies to open the borders, allow non-citizens to vote, and give away our citizenship to anyone who enters our country illegally. I could go on all day but I’ve made my point. 



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  1. mtmiaadmin

    That small-mindedness and quick jumping to conclusions you show in your very first paragraph are one reason why I don’t love America.


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