Critical Thinking vs CRT

Critical Thinking vs CRT

CT – Critical thinking is a winner

CRT – Critical Race Theory is a loser

Critical thinking used to be part of the curriculum in our schools. Today, many local school boards have eliminated critical thinking and believe telling kids what to think is a new way to educate. CRT or critical race theory is one of those programs.  

School Board Have Been Given A Pass

How did that occur? We have ourselves to blame. Ask yourself how often you have gone to a school board meeting? How many times have you given a school board election a second thought? Do you even know who the Superintendant of Schools is for the schools your children attend? Most do not. 

Now that we know why things changed, it is up to us to change the course of history. All around the country, we are seeing angry groups of parents going to school board meetings to protest the curriculum. Critical race theory does not teach your kids how to think, and it does not give them facts that allow them to make conclusions. It is a process of indoctrination that tells your kids what to believe and then shames them if they don’t think that way. Indoctrination programs like this are replacing common sense teaching on critical thinking. CT is not complicated. It’s a matter of presenting facts then working with students to understand the points and assimilate them into logical conclusions. Critical thinking is dependant on common sense. Another topic that is not addressed in schools and colleges today.

What’s Next?

You must have an action plan and be willing to execute that plan. Here are some suggestions about what to include in your action plan:

  • Investigate: when there is a local election for the school board, investigate who is running for office. Focus on what they say, not just what their political party is. 
  • Ask questions: most campaigns have at least one opportunity to go to a live debate or rally. Ask the candidate questions that are important to you and your family. If no live session is available, check out their website for statements and ask questions there. 
  • Vote!: all elections are important, even school board elections. Future school board members will be the curriculum deciders and policymakers of the future. Do your part to make sure the most qualified candidate who has the well-being of children in mind is elected.
  • Go To School Board Meetings: no matter who is elected, make it your business to go to some meetings. Maybe you can’t make it to every meeting, but there are ways to compensate. Take turns with your spouse, form a neighborhood group of like-minded parents, and take turns going to meetings. 

#Vote #StopCriticalRaceTheory #SaveOurKids #CommonSense


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