2021 Virginia Election Results

2021 Virginia Election Results


The 2021 Virginia election results were a breath of fresh air. It was so exciting to watch the speech by Lt. Governor-elect Winsome Sears and Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin.

Pride – The Good Kind

When Winsome Sears took the stage with her family, it was so evident that she was a proud mother, wife, and proud American. She is humble and wants to do the best she possibly can for Virginia and America. In her own words, “I didn’t run to make history; I just wanted to leave it a little better than I found it.” She was grateful that her father brought her here from Jamaica and became an American citizen. Lt. Governor Winsome Sears is a shining example of what America is all about. 

First Lady-elect Suzanne Youngkin spoke next with their children beside her. She was not only supportive but friendly, charming, and a loving parent and wife. She talked about the decision to run for Governor and how committed she was to supporting her husband.

Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin spoke last and was full of enthusiasm and optimism. It wasn’t just what he said but the way he said it. There is no doubt in my mind that Glenn Youngkin is committed to making positive changes in Virginia. Further, I hope other politicians model his examples in the upcoming months and years. 

America needs and deserves positive leadership. We need to be aware of different opinions and accept them. But we also need to prioritize the education of our children and be examples of the values they will need to return to society that is not anti-cop, anti-justice, anti-work, anti-freedom, and anti-American. 

Congratulations to the Commonwealth on the 2021 Virginia election results and for taking a first step in taking back our country from the far left socialists.


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