Is Patriotism Dead?

Is Patriotism Dead?

Patriotism Is Not Dead

But It Is Under Attack

I recently read a poll about Patriotism in Daily Caller that said 64% Of Young Adults Are Not Proud To Be American. The age group they are talking about is 18-24.

If you are proud of America, like I am, that is a number that can make your heart sink. Why would people who live in a free country with more to offer than any other country not be full of patriotism? And, most importantly, what can we do to help our youth understand what America is all about? 

The Poll

First, let’s be clear about the poll details. We must read the information being published before reacting. Remember, everyone is writing with “clicks” in mind, including me.

  • 1424 American adults surveyed between June 30th and July 2nd, 2021
  • Overall results – 44% “extremely proud”, 23% “very proud”, 15% “moderately” proud, 8% “slightly proud”, 6% “not proud at all”, 4% “not sure”
  • So, 90% of the respondents were proud of America to one degree or another.

The author then gives us details of various groups by age, sex, ethnicity, and more. Now that we know the details let’s focus on the results and actions “We The People” can take.

Why American Pride Is Low In Young Adults

That’s a difficult question, and there are as many opinions as there are polls. So I will give you my thoughts based on common sense, conservative values, and Christian living.

  1. Schools have eliminated or reduced many of the programs that teach children about their country and society. Public schools are not permitted to allow prayer, and most schools no longer teach Civics. When people are not taught about the rights and duties of being a citizen, they don’t know what they don’t know. It is challenging to understand patriotism when you don’t understand civics. 
  2. Social media has become a big influencer in today’s society. Due to algorithms, much of the information children receive on the internet is fake news or don’t get their requested information. 
  3. Poor leadership. There have always been differences in opinions when it comes to politics, patriotism, and religion. But that has been taken over by extremism. Many people who are elected to office forget who they represent. Elected officials need to do what’s best for the majority of people, not the loudest group. People at all levels are being influenced when they can first understand the spoken or written word. It’s up to us to make sure they get the right influencers.
  4. Teaching about the true history of the United States is limited. Instead, extreme groups want to focus on groups rather than everyone. Opinions and generalizations about the truth have taken over what historians know as fact. Some whale about America being built on racism or changing the facts and insert racist opinions. The 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory (CRT) are explosive examples in today’s culture. Woodrow Wilson went as far as trying to rewrite history to reverse black American progress. 
  5. Young people are easily influenced when left to their limited resources.

Actions We Can Take To Improve American Pride

  1. Be involved in your child’s education. Go to school board meetings and ask about the curriculum being offered to your child. If you don’t receive a good answer, it’s ok to stand firm and recommend a change to satisfy your child’s educational needs. If that doesn’t work, you can form family groups or run for the school board yourself. Enroll your child in a Sunday School class. Vote in your local school board elections. Here is an excellent article for more on this topic. Be sure to check out the links at the bottom of the article. 
  2. Talk to your children about the internet. It’s ok to check their search history and see what they are seeing. Explain the different ways they can be influenced, and most importantly, encourage them to ask you about things they see when they are unsure. Listen! You can tell a lot by the way people respond or react to certain things. Listening is always a good way to be alert. 
  3. VOTE!!!! Those elected officials are there for one of two reasons. First, they were elected by the majority of registered voters. Second, they won by default. In other words, they won because no one ran against them, or a low number of registered voters turned out for the vote. The National School Boards Association published an article about this and voiced their concern.
  4. Again, you need to know what is taught in your local schools and be vocal about the curriculum you believe is wrong. But, before you do, take the time to learn about the materials being used. Don’t just take the word of the mob, no matter which side the crowd is on. Getting the facts first is an excellent time to be a perfect example for your child.
  5. Don’t let outside influences be the only source of information in your child’s life or your own. Be a mentor and seek out your mentors. There is no shame in not knowing, but there is in not seeking knowledge. 

Last but not least, people usually become wiser as they grow older. With the leadership of parents and mentors, our youth become adults and learn about patriotism. It is essential to keep up with polls and trends, but they also need to be taken with a grain of salt. Not everything you read or hear is accurate, and not everything is intended for good. 

Read my previous article about voting.

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