Create Change In Schools

Create Change In Schools

Be Involved

Create change in schools by being involved. Not just cursory involvement but immersive participation. Involvement that is encouraging and supportive reflects common sense and resolve in your commitment to be a better you. That means voting and attending school board meetings. I write a lot about voting because I believe it is the root cause of many of our problems today. 

Uncontested Elections

People run for office and get elected by default! What do I mean by that? First, many school board candidates are uncontested, so they are automatically winners by default. Second, so few people vote in some elections that the winner is not always the best candidate. Previously elected members who are doing a poor job are reelected because people who agree with their ideas vote for them, and people who don’t like their ideas or don’t know about their beliefs don’t vote. So they are elected by default. Only 5% to 10% of registered voters typically vote in school board elections. That is not the way we should be represented at any level. This article from the NSBA (National School Boards Association) drives home the impact school boards have on our youth.

Why You Should Care About Every Election

Big problems don’t usually begin as significant issues. They typically start small then fester into something dreadful. A good example is your local school board election. 

Five Things You Should Know About Your School Board

  1. Who is the President of your local school board?
  2. Who is on your local school board?
  3. What was discussed at the last school board meeting?
  4. Who decides on the curriculum for your local schools?
  5. What is included in the curriculum at your local school?

How can you create change in schools if you don’t know the answers to any of the above questions? Your child could be a risk.

But I Can’t Attend All School Board Meetings

I can’t attend, a common sentiment that is easily overcome. You don’t have to participate in all meetings, but someone should. Some examples include:

  • you and your spouse can take turns
  • form a group of friends and take turns attending meetings
  • form a neighborhood group 
  • attend every other meeting but get the minutes from every meeting

The point here is to get involved and stay involved. 

COVID Was An Eye Opener

There are many negative results from the COVID pandemic, but one of the positive results is that parents got the opportunity to see what their children were being taught. Zoom classes were an eye-opener to many parents. That’s why parents around the country are rallying to their children’s sides and standing up to school boards. But that’s not the answer to the overall problem. You see, these school boards are already entrenched, and it will be a battle to get them out. New elections could take years to complete the transition. But that is the honest answer, vote them out!

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