Communicate With Congress

Communicate With Congress

Communicate With Congress

If you are writing, emailing, or calling your representatives in the House and Senate, you may not need to read this article. If you’re not communicating with them, keep reading. 

What will it take to motivate you?

It seems like no one is happy with the way our country is being run. Whether you are on the far right or far left, or in the middle, something has you riled up. There are a lot of Americans who are doing the right thing. They vote, they go to political debates, they write or call their elected representatives. Millions of people are engaged. However, the sad truth is not enough people are doing what it takes to get Congress’s attention.

How To Communicate With Congress

  1. Know who your representatives are and have their information handy. To be clear, your neighbor, co-worker, friends, doctors are not the people who will be able to help you. If you desire to blow off some steam, maybe it will help, but you will be wasting your time getting something done.
  2. Email Congress using the government-provided websites for each. Emailing is a good option if you want a reply. The emails are usually opened quickly, but you may have to wait a while for a response. The important thing is that you get your expectations to them. 
  3. Call – the same websites have the phone numbers for all members of the House and Senate. If you call and no one, answers leave a message. Your information will get tallied with all of the other calls. Don’t expect to speak to the elected official. If you talk to anyone, it will be a staffer.
  4. Write a letter – depending on the urgency, this may not be the best alternative. It is a good alternative if you want to make a point and reinforce it. Emails and phone calls tend to be brief or quickly written, while letters often are given more thought.
  5. Vote! America gets things done by voting. But voting results don’t always pick the best candidate. Not because of voter fraud, because of voter failure. When registered voters don’t turn out, people get elected by default. In other words, they don’t win because the majority voted for them. They win because the majority did not vote. The majority is too busy, not interested, think a local election is not essential. Whatever the excuse, the wrong candidate wins because of poor voter turnout. School board elections experience some of the lowest turnout numbers, and these are the people who are teaching your children. Teachers have a tremendous influence on children when they are most easily influenced. Perhaps even more impact than parents if you’re not attentive. Read this article from the National School Boards Association. It will open your eyes to why our children are suffering through so much rubbish in education.  

What Will It Take To Motivate You?

If you know the impact of doing nothing and what steps to take, what’s stopping you? How much pain will the world or your family have to go through to get you to take action? When will you stop complaining to people who can’t help and clarify things to those who can? What is on your heart to change? 

Here are a few current problems facing our nation. Abortion, socialism, taxes, inflation, Americans abandoned in Afghanistan, poor military leadership, poor Presidential leadership, poor Senate and House leadership, corruption, crime, open borders, defunding police, CRT in schools, cancel culture, attempts to rewrite history, denial that the founding fathers depended on God for integrity and moral standards. I could go on and on, but hopefully, you get my point. Surely there must be something in this list that makes you feel uncomfortable. There must be something that will get you to stand up and take action. Something that will make it impossible for you to go to bed tonight without reaching out to someone in a position to make a change.

Check out Trey Gowdy’s book on communications


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