Your Words Make You Anxious

Your Words Make You Anxious

Your Words Can Hurt You As Much As Your Intended Target

Your words make you anxious. When you write or speak, it is common to think about the effect of those words on others. Just as important is how the words you use will affect you. When you lash out at someone, it seldom makes you feel better. The opposite effect usually takes place. Negative attitudes produce negative feelings, and the vicious cycle begins.

As I write this, I admit that it is a confession as well as an article. Over the last couple of years, our society has become so hateful. The news is so depressing that it’s difficult to think what it was like before politics and division took over our daily conversation. When I look back to some of my previous articles, it is easy to see the anger and turmoil that disrupted my life. I used words that struck out at others and intended to make someone else angry or put them on defense.

You would think that putting those thoughts on paper would make me feel better. That’s the result I was looking for but not the outcome I got. The actual consequence was more frustration and more anger. The words we use tell people what we think and how we feel. They can also make us feel worse because we are so focused on the negative.

The Moral Of The Story

To be a better you:

  • The words you use have consequences on you.
  • Think about your words and how they make you feel. If they make you feel down, they will most likely have the same impact on others.
  • When doom and gloom dominate your day, make an effort to break away, read the Bible (you should always have a Bible app), meditate, or take a few deep breaths in a private place.
  • Remember that your words reflect your thoughts and your feelings. If my words are hurtful to me, they will impact how I see myself and how others see me.

Why have I put so much emphasis in the last paragraph? Because changing the consequences of our words is up to you and me. If I am going to be a better me, I have to work on it personally. And, If you are going to be a better you, you have to do the same. 

“A gentle tongue is the tree of life, but perverseness in it breaks the spirit.” Proverbs 15:4 ESV

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