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Bills Reflections

A Blog About Common Sense and Conservative Living

This blog is about common sense and conservative living. Add a pinch of civics and a lot of persistence, and you have a life worth living. Welcome to my Blog; I’ll share my observations and opinions about the world around us and the events that shape and change our lives. 

What Are The 5 Goals Of This Website?

  1. Show how common sense is impactful in all areas of our lives. And share a little humor dealing with decisions and events that could have benefited from common sense.
  2. Connect with everyday people who want to see positive changes in today’s society
  3. Radical change through innovative thinking and actions. Focusing attention on areas of life that are not so innovative, such as civics and persistence.
  4. Provide a platform to open up discussions on what to change and how to do it
  5. Promote civics to increase participation in elections and intensify demands on elected officials to work for “We The People.”


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